Miyoshi America, Inc. manufactures and markets a wide variety of surface treated pigments and mineral substrates such as talc, mica, sericite and kaolin to the cosmetics industry. Miyoshi America, Inc., along with the Miyoshi Kasei group of companies, is the global leader in the development and manufacture of surface treated pigments and substrates for the cosmetics industry.
Established in 1985 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Miyoshi Kasei, Inc., Miyoshi America, Inc. has built on Miyoshi Kasei’s invention of the silicone surface treatment for cosmetics back in 1976. Recent developments in surface technology include the NAID treatment, a more easily dispersible version of our popular vegetable amino acid treatment and ACT, a hybrid treatment which combines the benefits of vegetable amino acid, metal soap, and silane.
Miyoshi America, Inc. has leveraged it’s expertise and proprietary technologies in surface treatments to develop superior products for color cosmetics and skin care:
  • Surface Treated Inorganic Pigments, Pearls and Mineral Substrates
  • Sunscreens and SPF Boosters
  • Feel Enhancers and Soft Focus Composites
  • Color Dispersions
  • Specialty Products
Miyoshi America, Inc. is located in Dayville, CT, United States and the Miyoshi Kasei group companies also have headquarters and plants in Japan – Miyoshi Kasei, Inc. in Saitama, Japan, France – Miyoshi Europe S.A.S. in St Priest, France and PR China – Miyoshi Suzhou Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China.


Markets Served
Color Cosmetics
Skin Care
Speciality Literature
Photocatalytic TIO2 & ZnO