Research has shown that aesthetics and “touch” or “feel” of a cosmetic account for a vast majority consumer purchasing behavior. In other words, if it “feels” good on the skin, the consumer is more likely to purchase the product. In addition to surface treated pigments and mineral substrates, Miyoshi America, Inc. offers a variety of products that enhance the feel of color cosmetic and skin care products.
SXI-5 exhibits a lower coefficient of friction than lauryl lysine and boron nitride. Silica beads provide slip, fluidity and spreadability in both powder and liquid systems. They also offer soft focus, sebum/oil absorption and in the case of SB-700, can also carry up to 50% of its weight in actives. Silica beads and BeadylBeads can also be surface treated to provide additional benefits.
We have also leveraged our expertise in surface treatments and mineral substrates to develop specialty composites that provide benefits such as soft focus, smooth feel or oil/sebum absorption. These unique composites utilize some of the latest surface treatment technologies. For example, Penumbra-S uses a synergistic combination of vegetable amino acid, metal soap, silane surface treated to a silica and ultrafine TiO2 coated kaolin.

Description INCI Name
Composites & Specialty

SXI-5 Dimethicone Treated Silica Beads on Mica provides excellent slip and spreadability. Unique silky-smooth feeling. Soft focus. Mica (and) Silica (and) Dimethicone
SA-Excel Mica JP-2 Dimethicone Treated Al(OH)3 Coated Mica composite provides soft focus, very transparent, ideal for powder products. Mica (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Dimethicone

SA-Powder La Vie Dimethicone Treated Sericite composite provides soft focus, sebum/oil control, deodorant/ mild anti-bacterial. Mica (and) Hydroxyapatite (and) Zinc Oxide (and) Dimethicone

Soft Talc Gently pressed with minimal amount of very low micron particles to reduce agglomeration and provides silky, elegant feel. Talc

Silca Beads

SB-300 Porous, P.S. = 5 microns, Surface Area = 300 m2/g, Oil Abs. = 150, Dimethicone surface treatment available. Silica

SB-700 Porous, P.S. = 7 microns, Surface Area = 400-700 m2/g, Oil Abs. = 125, Hollow Core can fill up to 50% weight in actives. Dimethicone surface treatment available. Silica


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Color Cosmetics
Skin Care
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