Miyoshi America, Inc. offers the highest quality Mineral Substrates including talc, mica and sericite for the cosmetics industry. These substrates can be surface treated with one of our unique surface treatments for enhanced feel, hydrophobicty, and processing.
Talc has many uses in cosmetics and personal care products. It is used as an absorbent, anti-caking agent and feel enhancer of the product. Talc is also used as a color additive and an inactive ingredient.
Mica is popular for use in cosmetics for its sparkly white appearance and is often used in the manufacture of pearlescent pigment.
Sericite aids in the spreading of cosmetics and offers a mild luster and transparency. When used in pressed powders it exhibits good pick-up and deposit.



Markets Served
Color Cosmetics
Skin Care
Speciality Literature
Photocatalytic TIO2 & ZnO