At Miyoshi America, Inc., Innovation is the name of the game! Since inventing the first surface treatment specifically for the cosmetics industry in the 1970’s, the Miyoshi Group companies have been the leaders in surface treatment technologies. We use our unique and patented surface treatments to develop new and unique products for color cosmetics, skin care and sunscreens.


Primrose silica coated pigments are hydrophilic pigments that are ideal for O/W and water-rich systems. The silica coating, with a refractive index similar to human skin, provides a soft focus effect by increasing diffuse reflection.

ACT Hybrid Surface Treatment

ACT treatment is a hybrid surface treatment consisting of vegetable derived lipoamino acid (NAI), fatty acid metal soap (MT) and silane. Each component of ACT treatment provides unique properties and when combined together, provide synergies that make ACT treatment one of the most effective treatments developed to date. Each component of ACT treatment provides unique properties. Vegetable amino acid imparts an enhanced feel – a moist and dewy feel during application. Metal soap provides good skin adhesion. It also improves press-ability in pressed powders leading to stronger cakes. Silane provides very strong hydrophobicity.


Penumbra is a unique composite powder consisting of kaolin, silica and ultra-fine TiO2 surface treated with our hybrid ACT treatment (vegetable amino acid, metal soap and silane). Penumbra is ideal for skin care products and when used in moisturizers, it provides a soft focus effect reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. It also provides physical protection by creating multiple barrier layers on the skin to help keep the environment out and moisture in.

Midnight Eclipse-Kaolin

Midnight Eclipse-Kaolin is silane surface treated kaolin designed to provide excellent SPF and PFA boosting properties when used in oil-in-water (O/W) sunscreens. It enables a drastic reduction of organic UV absorber usage. Our sample formulation utilizing 10% Midnight Eclipse-Kaolin achieved SPF 42 and PFA 18 IN-VIVO, using only 6% organic UV absorbers (2% OMC, 2% Avobenzone, and 2% Octocrylene). Midnight Eclipse-Kaolin is designed to work best in more desirable O/W type sunscreen formulations.


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