BIOSKIN By Beaulax

Date: 7/16/2020

What is BIOSKIN?

BIOSKIN, developed by Beaulax, is a three-dimensional skin model that is used in testing cosmetic formulations. Created from a highly pressable urethane elastomer to form a realistic mold of human skin, BIOSKIN mimics natural human skin by replicating fine shapes on the skin including pores, wrinkles, and age spots.


BIOSKIN plates are ideal for evaluating the spreadability and color development of cosmetics while also testing for long-lasting properties and soft-focus effects of cosmetics. These plates come in various colors to test on a range of skin tones, as well as a white plate to test facial cleansers effect on applied cosmetics.

Resiliency Model

The BIOSKIN reseliency model is designed to test sensory evaluation of skin resiliency. These molds are divided into three test types: soft, normal, and hard.

  1. Soft: Harness Table of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel (11X gel) 0.19S
  2. Normal: Hardness Table of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel (11X gel) 0.20S
  3. Hard: Hardness Table of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel (11X gel) 0.21S

Other BIOSKIN Molds:

Bioskin comes in a variety of molds to accommodate many cosmetic applications types. Such molds include Bioskin Plates, cheek skin, resiliency model, lips, wrinkles, laugh lines, eye lashes, arms and head molds.

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How to Use BIOSKIN

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Color Cosmetics
Skin Care
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Photocatalytic TIO2 & ZnO