Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our responsible actions
“A person who is ethical, sincere, loyal to others and to society is a wonderful person”. This is the belief of our founder Ryota Miyoshi and the philosophy that Miyoshi Europe perpetuates on a daily basis through CSR commitments.

The Miyoshi Kasei group has established a CSR charter, in order to clearly communicate our responsibility and our commitment to society, the environment and all stakeholders who contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

The installation of solar panels at Miyoshi America will generate more than 1.13 MWh of energy in the first year, which will be enough to offset about 798 ton of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of removing 172 cars from the roads of Connecticut.

Our new installation of our EV Charging stations will be powered by our solar panels (+60%)! This new addition to our facility in Connecticut will be free to all Miyoshi America employees and serve as an accelerator in our carbon neutral future.


Since 2018, the Miyoshi Group has been a member of RMI whose mission is to ensure a
responsible and sustainable Indian mica supply chain, free from child labor.

Committed to Naturalness.
In 2022, 34 references from our catalog were Cosmos approved.


Miyoshi attaches great importance to the choice of raw materials by seeking pure, safe, ethical materials in order to offer qualitative solutions to our customers

We are eager to offer all our customers natural solutions combining ease of use, safety, performance and respect for the environment.