Research has shown that aesthetics and “touch” or “feel” of a cosmetic account for a vast majority consumer purchasing behavior. In other words, if it “feels” good on the skin, the consumer is more likely to purchase the product. In addition to surface treated pigments and mineral substrates, Miyoshi America, Inc. offers a variety of products that enhance the feel of color cosmetic and skin care products.
SXI-5 exhibits a lower coefficient of friction than lauryl lysine and boron nitride. Silica beads provide slip, fluidity and spreadability in both powder and liquid systems. They also offer soft focus, sebum/oil absorption and in the case of SB-700, can also carry up to 50% of its weight in actives. Silica beads and BeadylBeads can also be surface treated to provide additional benefits.
We have also leveraged our expertise in surface treatments and mineral substrates to develop specialty composites that provide benefits such as soft focus, smooth feel or oil/sebum absorption. These unique composites utilize some of the latest surface treatment technologies.

Description INCI Name
Composites & Specialty

SXI-5 Dimethicone Treated Silica Beads on Mica provides excellent slip and spreadability. Unique silky-smooth feeling. Soft focus. Mica (and) Silica (and) Dimethicone
SA-Excel Mica JP-2 Dimethicone Treated Al(OH)3 Coated Mica composite provides soft focus, very transparent, ideal for powder products. Mica (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Dimethicone

Soft Talc Gently pressed with minimal amount of very low micron particles to reduce agglomeration and provides silky, elegant feel. Talc

Silca Beads

SB-300 Porous, P.S. = 5 microns, Surface Area = 300 m2/g, Oil Abs. = 150, Dimethicone surface treatment available. Silica

SB-700 Microporous, P.S. = 7 microns, Surface Area = 400-700 m2/g, Oil Abs. = 125, Hollow Core can fill up to 50% weight in actives. Dimethicone surface treatment available. Silica

MiyoHAZE SM Silica-Coated Synthetic Mica

The silica used in MiyoHAZE SM typically has an index of refraction that is close to human skin at 1.46. When used in personal care formulations, MiyoHAZE SM results in
diffuse reflection/transmission of incident light and provides an acute, optical effect of reducing skin imperfections such as large pores and wrinkles.
Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (and) Silica
Features & Benefits

  • Soft Focus Composite
  • Very Easy to Disperse in Water
  • High Purity
  • Wet and Dry Color Fidelity
  • Traceability

MiyoHAZE BT Barium Sulfate Titanium Dioxide Composite

MiyoHAZE BT is an innovative soft-focus composite. Barium sulfate is commonly used in cosmetics as a colorant and an opacifying agent.
Miyoshi has taken barium sulfate to the next performance level, creating a barium sulfate/titanium dioxide sandwich-like composite, providing excellent wet and dry haze.


Barium Sulfate (and) Titanium Dioxide


Features & Benefits

  • Soft Focus Composite
  • Natural Coverage
  • Wet and Dry Color Fidelity
  • Translucent Finish

SA-Excel®Mica JP-2

“Soft-focus” effect is the ability of a cosmetic product to achieve a natural finish while minimizing the appearance of skin troubles. The idea is to blur underneath image of cosmetics to hide wrinkles, pores, freckles, spots while keeping transparency and then achieve overall natural finish.
Miyoshi has successfully developed Excel Mica JP-2 which diffuses optical light within its structure, the cosmetic layer containing Excel Mica JP-2 effectively minimizes the appearances of skin troubles. Contrary to conventional soft-focus powder, with high refractive indices, such as titanium dioxide, Excel Mica JP-2 does not produce a white coverage. Instead, Excel Mica JP-2 creates translucent layers, which subtly blurs various skin troubles.


Mica (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Dimethicone


Features & Benefits

  • Soft-Focus
  • High Transparency
  • Minimize Shine

MiyoSYN Series Synthetic Micas

MiyoSYN Matte (low luster grade) is newly added to MiyoSYN Fine (high luster grade) in the MiyoSYN series. These two products from MiyoSYN Series help to control
Radiance – Matte level depending on the finished look.


Synthetic Fluorphlogopite


Features & Benefits

  • MiyoSYN Matte for Superior Matte Finish
  • MiyoSYN Fine for Excellent Radiance Properties
  • Surface Treated Versions Available
  • High Purity

MiyoSTAY SM Sebum Control Composite Powder

MiyoSTAY SM is Miyoshi’s original composite powder that provides long lasting properties through highly selective adsorption and jellification of unsaturated fatty acids.
The base material utilizes synthetic mica which provides high purity and traceability.


Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (and) Zinc Oxide (and) Hydroxyapatite


Features & Benefits

  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Highly Selective Fatty Acid Adsorption
  • Strong Skin Adhesion
  • Wet and Dry Color Fidelity
  • Matte and Non-Shiny Look

MiyoSTAY Z20 Ultimate Multifunctional Composite Powder

MiyoSTAY SM MiyoSTAY Z20 is multi-functional composite powder that enhances sebum
adsorption and antimicrobial effects by increasing zinc oxide.


Mica (and) Zinc Oxide (and) Hydroxyapatite


Features & Benefits

  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Matte and Non-Shiny Look
  • Anti-Microbial Effect
  • Deodorant Ability


SA-DSA-7 Series is based on an adsorbed silicone treated rice starch with high adsorption for oil and fats. This range of product has especially been developed for dry hair shampoo.SA-DSA-7 Series is used as powder base for aerosols, it reduces hair greasiness and can be brushed out without any residues. Mixtures with Black, Brown and Yellow Iron Oxides are also available to enhance the color of the hair or blend roots instantly.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch (and) Cetrimonium Chloride (and) Dimethicone

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated to Dry Shampoo & Hair Care
  • Absorbs Hair Greasiness
  • Easy to Brush Out Without Any Residues
  • Mixtures with Iron Oxides Available to Enhance Color or Blend Roots



SA-DSA-7 Dry Shampoo Formulation


Initial touch of cosmetic material is one of the very first and most important aspects of consumer choices. It is said that over 70% of consumer choice, of a new cosmetic, is decided on the very first touch of an application. Transparency is also dramatically important in order to achieve a natural look.

SXI-5 combines both surprising feeling – extreme softness – and high transparency with haze. Silicone (SA) treatment renders strong hydrophobicity, and good dispersibility.


Mica (and) Silica (and) Dimethicone


Features & Benefits

  • Very Good Spreadability
  • Silky-Smooth Feeling
  • High Transparency for Natural Look
  • Soft Focus
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SB-300 and SB-700 Silica Beads

Silica Beads

A Natural Plastic Bead Alternative

SB-300 and SB-700 are highly pure spherical Silica Beads.
These silica beads provide slip, spreadability, and a specific dryness to various formulations including foundations, lipsticks, mascara, lotions, emulsions, creams.

A Dimethicone surface treatment is also available!

General Information:

To help cosmetic formulators achieve high performance and sensorial effect when designing cosmetic products, The Miyoshi Group has developed a large range of multi-functional porous and
non-porous silica beads. Silica beads provide slip, fluidity and spreadability in both powder and liquid systems. They also offer soft-focus and sebum/oil absorption properties. The porous type can also be used as an active carrier such as Hyaluronic Acid to facilitate the formulation of active ingredients in products and their release control in application. Silica beads are also available with surface treatment to provide additional value-added benefits such as strong hydrophobicity, excellent dispersibility into oil, and additional enhanced feel.



P.S. = 5 microns
Surface Area = 150m²/g
Oil absorbtion =60

P.S. = 5 microns
Surface Area = 300m²/g
Oil absorbtion =125

P.S. = 7 microns
Surface Area = 400-700 m²/g
Oil absorbtion =125



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