Miyoshi America, Inc. offers the highest quality Mineral Substrates including talc, mica and sericite for the cosmetics industry. These substrates can be surface treated with one of our unique surface treatments for enhanced feel, hydrophobicty, and processing. Talc has many uses in cosmetics and personal care products. It is used as an absorbent, anti-caking agent and feel enhancer of the product. Talc is also used as a color additive and an inactive ingredient. Mica is popular for use in cosmetics for its sparkly white appearance and is often used in the manufacture of pearlescent pigment. Sericite aids in the spreading of cosmetics and offers a mild luster and transparency. When used in pressed powders it exhibits good pick-up and deposit.  


Soft Talc

INCI: Talc

Miyoshi America’s Talc’nology Team spent 3 years developing a unique low energy, “soft” milling process to create Soft Talc, a product that can be produced to tightly controlled specifications without disturbing its platy structure. The result is a talc with exceptional feel and lubricity. Talcs of very low micron size have excellent feel and slip in the dry state. However, upon addition of liquid binders or other oily materials, such microfine talcs are prone to clumping, a condition known as secondary agglomeration. This agglomeration may diminish (oreliminate entirely) the soft, silky feel perceived in the dry state.

To avoid this problem, Soft Talc was carefully engineered to contain minimal amounts of the very low micron particles that give rise to secondary agglomeration. As a result, Soft Talc’s silky, elegant feel comes through in your finished product.

Mica & Sericite

INCI: Mica

Mica and Sericite share the same INCI name due to their chemical composition similarities. They do however, differ sufficiently enough in functionality that they are formulated into cosmetic formulations. Mica has a higher aspect ratio than sericite leading to higher transparency and more shine. As a result, mica is often used in the cosmetics where its shimmer can provide a translucent glow to the skin. Mica is used in combination with metallic oxides in the manufacture of pearlescent pigments. Unlike Mica, which is used in a variety of applications like electronics, sericite is typically only uses in cosmetics. Sericite is softer than mica, leading to a very smooth and more oily and wet feel. It offers a mild luster (less shine and more hiding power than mica) and excellent pick-up and deposit with an applicator in powder foundations.


Mica is a series of silicate minerals of varying chemical compositions, yet with similar physical properties. Mica’s well defined cleavage enales it to be split into varying sizes of thin sheets that are very regular in shapes. It is a natural minded mineral and ground into various particle sizes. In cosmetic formulations, mica provides a “mother of pearl” or nacreous effect.


Sericite is similar to white mica in chemical composition and shape. Mica and Sericite are almost the same in physical and chemical properties. Sericite is composed of very fine particles which has a silky shine. It spreads readily when rubbed between one’s finger and has an oily feel.

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