Miyoshi Solar Panels


23 June, 2021

Miyoshi is excited to announce that our solar panels are installed and fully functional! After many cold, winter months, the grass is finally starting to grow back in the area that surrounds the panels.

During the installation of the new panels, a walking path was added for all employees to enjoy. This new walking path makes it simpler and easier fit a little exercise into a busy schedule. Staying active during the work week is now as easy as throwing on your sneakers during your lunch break!

To celebrate the new addition of the walking path, Miyoshi America hosted an employee appreciation event on Tuesday, June 22nd along the path. As employees walked, they were gifted with Miyoshi paraphernalia and snacks along with a catered lunch at the end. A special THANK YOU goes out to all of those involved in putting together this event!

We hope that employees will continue to utilize the walking path as a way to exercise during the day!