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Dextrin and Inulin Fatty Ester Acids Chiba Flour Milling Co. has been synthesizing the Rheopearl Series of products by reacting dextrin with acyl chlorides and have been used as an oil gelling agent since the early 1970’s in Japan. Together with its gelling properties of various hydrocarbons and esters, the Rheopearl series provides excellent stability in emulsions. Stable oil gels can be easily obtained by dissolving Rheopearl at elevated temperatures, and cooled without stirring. The gel strength varies depending upon the acyl groups on the dextrin fatty acid esters. Longer straight chain fatty acid groups and saccharide(s) chain result in harder oil gels. Please review Chiba Flour Milling Co.’s literature and featured products below.


Rheopearl Summary 1

Rheopearl Summary 2

Featured ProductDescriptionINCI Name
Rheopearl ISK2
White hard gels. Recommended
for cyclomethicone.
Stearoyl Inulin
Rheopearl ISL2
White hard gels. Recommended
for hydrocarbons, esters.
Stearoyl Inulin
Rheopearl KL2
Transparent hard gels. Recommended for hydrocarbons, esters, triglycerides.Dextrin Palmitate
Rheopearl MKL2
Transparent hard gels.
Recommended for hydrocarbons, esters.
Dextrin Myristate
Rheopearl TL2
Transparent soft gels.
Recommended for hydrocarbons, esters, triglycerides.
Dextrin Palmitate
Rheopearl TT2
Transparent soft-thixotropic gels.Recommended for
hydrocarbons, esters, isoparaffins.
Dextrin Palmitate/Ethylhexanoate

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