“Soft-focus” effect is the ability of a cosmetic product to achieve a natural finish while minimizing the appearance of skin troubles. The idea is to blur underneath image of cosmetics to hide wrinkles, pores, freckles, spots while keeping transparency and then achieve overall natural finish.
Miyoshi has successfully developed Excel Mica JP-2 which diffuses optical light within its structure, the cosmetic layer containing Excel Mica JP-2 effectively minimizes the appearances of skin troubles. Contrary to conventional soft-focus powder, with high refractive indices, such as titanium dioxide, Excel Mica JP-2 does not produce a white coverage. Instead, Excel Mica JP-2 creates translucent layers, which subtly blurs various skin troubles.


Mica (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Dimethicone


Features & Benefits

  • Soft-Focus
  • High Transparency
  • Minimize Shine
Markets Served
Color Cosmetics
Skin Care
Speciality Literature
Photocatalytic TIO2 & ZnO