Silica Beads

A Natural Plastic Bead Alternative

SB-300 and SB-700 are highly pure spherical Silica Beads.
These silica beads provide slip, spreadability, and a specific dryness to various formulations including foundations, lipsticks, mascara, lotions, emulsions, creams.

A Dimethicone surface treatment is also available!

General Information:

To help cosmetic formulators achieve high performance and sensorial effect when designing cosmetic products, The Miyoshi Group has developed a large range of multi-functional porous and
non-porous silica beads. Silica beads provide slip, fluidity and spreadability in both powder and liquid systems. They also offer soft-focus and sebum/oil absorption properties. The porous type can also be used as an active carrier such as Hyaluronic Acid to facilitate the formulation of active ingredients in products and their release control in application. Silica beads are also available with surface treatment to provide additional value-added benefits such as strong hydrophobicity, excellent dispersibility into oil, and additional enhanced feel.



P.S. = 5 microns
Surface Area = 150m²/g
Oil absorbtion =60

P.S. = 5 microns
Surface Area = 300m²/g
Oil absorbtion =125

P.S. = 7 microns
Surface Area = 400-700 m²/g
Oil absorbtion =125



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