The methicone treatment was one of the first surface treatments developed specifically for the cosmetic industry.
It provides the strongest hydrophobicity and long wear properties in anhydrous, powder and two-way foundation formulations.
Silicone (Without Mineral Oil) treated pigments and substrates exhibit the strongest hydrophobicity properties obtainable. There is very little color change between before application and after application utilizing a formulation containing silicone treated pigments. The same shade is maintained because the applied make-up does not get wet from perspiration. Formulations containing Silicone (Without Mineral Oil) are 1) Easy to mix with oily material because of good dispersibility, 2) Normally less oil is required in a formulation because less oil is absorbed by the silicone treated pigment. 3) Very “soft” in feeling, exhibiting good adhesion and affinity to the skin 4) Reduce the “drag” of the formula, much improving the formula’s spreadability on to the skin.
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