2023 Ecovadis Gold Medal

Ecovadis Gold Medal

25 April, 2023

We are proud and delighted to share with you our Ecovadis Gold Medal award !

Ecovadis evaluates more than 100,000 companies in 175 countries around the world in four areas :

“environment”, “labor and human rights”, “ethics” and  “sustainable resource procurement”, with

categories of platinum (top 1%), gold (top 5%), silver (top 25%), and bronze (top 50%).

Many companies refer to the evaluation results as one of the important criteria when selecting

suppliers from a sustainability perspective.

With a score of 74/100, the Miyoshi Kasei group now belongs to the top 5% of its category.

More, it emphasizes our corporate vision and commitment to Sustainable Development.

Thank you to our people and partners within our ecosystem who contributed to this remarkable achievement.

This is only the beginning … it will be challenging … we are up for it !!!