Expo Cosmética 2023

21 August, 2023

Last week, our LATAM Sales Manager, Diego Cornejo, had the opportunity to represent Miyoshi America, Inc, alongside our Distributor, Lyontec at the highly anticipated Expo Cosmética 2023 in Mexico. The event provided an exceptional platform to present and exhibit our innovative range of products.

Held in Mexico City, the Expo Cosmética 2023 brought together industry leaders, professionals, and beauty enthusiasts from across Mexico. As Miyoshi’s representative, Diego engaged with a diverse audience, sharing insights and introducing visitors to our exceptional product offerings.

Among the standout products that garnered significant attention were the renowned Nano MiyoSHADE T-Clear sunscreens, as well as ACT, ALT, and Miyonat ISA Treatment. The overwhelming interest demonstrated by attendees underscores the growing demand for advanced and effective skincare solutions.

The success of the expo was evident in the impressive turnout, with over 3500 attendees from various regions of Mexico converging to explore the latest trends and innovations in the cosmetics industry.